Business Purchase & Sale Agreements

Buying or selling a business can be extremely confusing and difficult. You’ll need the best business lawyers involved to ensure the sale goes smoothly. The team at Long Island Employment Lawyer offers professional business purchase and sale agreement services for clients in Long Island. We can help you buy your dream restaurant or sell your online business today. We offer fast, affordable, and reliable agreements that will make your sale or purchase go smoothly. If you would like to learn more about our agreements or would like to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

What is a Business Purchase Agreement?

When purchasing a business, you’ll need a business purchase agreement. This document is a contract that is used to transfer ownership of a business. The contract is written to protect both parties during the transfer of ownership. A business purchase agreement can include the sale price, assets included & excluded assumed liabilities and restrictive clauses. Our team is available today to get started preparing your business purchase agreement. To learn more about our services, feel free to email or call our team today. We have helped hundreds of customers with their dreams of purchasing or selling a business.

What is included in a Business Purchase or Sale Agreement?

Our business purchase and sale agreements help make selling or buying a business easier. Long Island Employment Lawyer can help to sell your business or buying a business easily. A great sale agreement will include information about the sale. It can include the terms of the sale and protections for both parties involved. Our purchase and sale agreements can be used to purchase any sized business. From small local shops to international shipping companies, our team can compose an effective and legal document that will meet your needs. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today for more info on our services.

Types of Asses and Shares in a Business Sale

Purchasing a business can be confusing. Understanding what is included in the sale is extremely important. An effective purchase and sale agreement will ensure that both parties understand what is being sold during the purchase. Assets of the business can include equipment, inventory, sales order, contracts, records, trademarks, property, and business name. You’ll want an in-depth and detailed sales agreement to ensure each party understands the terms of the sale.

Exclusions in a Sale Agreement

Business purchase and sale agreement can also detail exclusions and provide restrictive clauses. Many agreements will exclude cash, bank balances, securities, excludes assets, and account receivables. Restrictive clauses can also protect the purchaser and seller. Some common clauses we can include non-competition, non-solicitation, and confidentiality clauses. Many agreements will also include information about environmental compliance. The team at Long Island Employment Lawyer is available today to draft your next business purchase and sale agreement. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today for more info or to schedule an appointment.