Severance Agreemention

Severance agreements offer a way for a company and an employee to have an amicable separation. They can protect a company from wrongful termination lawsuits and provide severance pay or benefits to the employee. The team at Long Island Employment Lawyer provides professional severance agreement services for businesses in Long Island. We can prepare severance agreements for your company today. Whether you need one or one hundred severance agreements prepared, we’re here to help. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today to schedule an appointment on our custom severance agreement services.

What is a Severance Agreement?

A severance agreement is an agreement struck between a company and an employee that is leaving the company. These are normally required for any company performing layoffs or reduction events. A severance agreement will ensure your company and the employees are covered during the transaction. While severance agreements are not required, they can protect your company and peace of mind for your employees. The team at Long Island Employment Lawyer will prepare a custom severance agreement that will match your needs and goals. To schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to give our team a call.

What can be Included in a Severance Agreement?

If you are planning layoffs at your business, you’ll want to prepare an effective and reliable severance agreement for your employees. The agreement can include payments to your employees, tax information, health insurance information, and more. Many companies will include non-competition agreements and non-disclosure agreements with the severance package. References, re-hiring options, and other clauses can also be added to your custom severance agreement. We are experts at providing severance agreements that provide detailed information that will benefit you and your employees. The team at Long Island Employment Lawyer is available today to get started on preparing a severance agreement for your business.

Why Do I need a Severance Agreement for my Business?

While your business is not required to provide a severance agreement or package, it can provide many benefits. An effective severance agreement will reduce the risk of wrongful termination lawsuits. Severance packages can be explained to your new hires to foster goodwill and explain termination policies in your business. A severance agreement can help protect company details, data, and information as well. They also show respect to your employees. Our team offers custom written severance agreements for any size business in Long Island. Feel free to email or call our team today for more info on our severance agreements for your business.

Severance Agreements for your Business

Are you interested in learning more about our severance agreement options? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Al our lawyers have years of experience providing expertly written service agreements for clients in Long Island. No matter how big or small your business is, our team is ready to help. We offer custom written severance agreements that will protect your business and your employees. To learn more about our severance agreement services, don’t hesitate to give our team a call.